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Do I get SSDI if I can prove a condition such as a back injury?

Workers claiming back injuries are among the most common applicants for Social Security Disability. Many times, these conditions are proven and thoroughly documented. But is that enough?

Not really. For one thing, the injury must be so severe that it keeps you from working.

3 tips to follow when applying for Social Security benefits

Dealing with a debilitating injury or illness can be difficult and frustrating. You want disability benefits to help you make up for lost income. Social Security Disability Insurance can be the support you need to care for yourself when you cannot make a regular paycheck. Securing these benefits must be done with careful attention to detail or else you may deal with more complications and frustrations.

It is helpful to get everything correct when applying for disability benefits for the first time. Learn about some common mistakes to avoid so you can have a smooth process. 

Preparing for your SSD appeal

If you applied for Social Security disability benefits and were denied, you have the option to appeal your claim. The appeals process can take years to complete, so it is important that you prepare in advance anytime you have a hearing or go before a judge. Preparation can mean the difference between a denied and rejected application, no matter how badly you need the benefits.


Common mistakes to avoid when applying for SSD

It can be a long and strenuous process to apply for Social Security Disability, taking anywhere from six to 24 months to approve the application. Mistakes made on the application can also back the process up, making it harder to get the benefits you need from the government. Before you apply, you must determine if it's right for you to apply for disability benefits, provide medical documentation, fill out a variety of forms and possibly attend a hearing or file appeals. The following are some common mistakes to avoid when you decide to apply for disability benefits.

Social Security Disability 101

Whether it was from a car accident, a crime committed against you, or serving in our military, many people have injuries that keep them from being unable to work. Some are obvious like brain trauma and spinal cord damage; some are "Invisible disabilities" such as PTSD, depression, and schizophrenia. What they all have in common is that they limit portions of your daily life activities, and specifically affect your ability to support yourself.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a program that allows folks to collect benefits during the time they are unable to be employed-whether that is a year or two, or the rest of their lives. People often wonder what they need in order to qualify. Below are some common questions regarding SSDI:

What's the difference between SSD and SSI?

You've heard of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). But just what is the difference between the two? How do you qualify for them? Can you qualify for both?

Let's take a quick look at these two types of disability benefits offered by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Rethinking how we talk about mental disorders

Think about what these statements might have in common:

"I'm so depressed about having to work this weekend."

"I was so nervous about that speech I almost had a panic attack."

"I think my boss is bipolar because he is so moody lately."

These are all common examples of ways people use serious mental disorders to explain more trivial moods or experiences. It might not seem like a big deal to say things like this, but the truth is dismissing these conditions as being inconvenient or fleeting in casual conversation can make it difficult to appreciate just how devastating mental illnesses can be.

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