Guiding You Through The Disability Process

Getting approved for disability benefits can seem like an impossible task. First comes the realization that the Social Security Administration rejects almost 70% of initial claims. Secondly, you have the burden to provide evidence of your disabling condition and your limitations that prevent you from working. All this comes at a time when you are suffering pain and financial hardship.

At Southeast Disability Advocates, we guide people through the disability claims process with passion and skill. We have helped thousands of people get Social Security Disability benefits they deserve — and we want to help you.

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The Disability Claims Process

Southeast Disability Advocates provides results-oriented representation at all stages of the Social Security Disability process. Generally speaking, this proceeds as follows:

Applying for benefits — We can file your initial application and explain what you can expect during the application and appeal process. A small number of claims are approved at this stage, and if your initial claim is successful, we wish you well. There are not fees or costs if your case is approved within 6 months of the date you last worked at "Substantial Gainful Activity" (SGA - what Social Security considers full time work for pay).

Request for Reconsideration — If your initial claim is denied, we will prepare and file a Request for Reconsideration. We collect additional medical evidence in support of your case. We can also provide you with pointers about communicating with your doctor, so important information gets included in your record. Alabama is a "prototype state" where the Request for Reconsideration appeal is skipped. Alabama residents can file a Request for Hearing when there initial claim is denied. Skipping the Request for Reconsideration usually reduces the overall waiting period by four to six months.

Disability hearing — We will be at your side and represent you in this hearing (usually done in person or via video conference if the Social Security Administration utilizes a remote hearing site). We will prepare you for the questions that you will be asked by the administrative law judge and other participants, present evidence in support of your claim and cross examine all witnesses. In most cases, applicants receive written notification of the judge's decision four to eight weeks after the hearing.

Appeals — If necessary, we can represent you in further appeals before administrative bodies or in federal court.

Making A Positive Difference In People's Lives

At Southeast Disability Advocates, we care about our clients and their families. We work hard to help them get the SSDI and SSI benefits that can ease their financial hardships. Let us put our advocacy skills to work for you.

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